Resources developed by local Nottinghamshire churches

Why not use some of these ideas to develop resources of your own?

Baptism by full immersion PowerPoint (fits section 1 of the pack) [Warning: Large file]

Baptism by full immersion (fits section 1 of the pack) (PDF)

Baptistry photographs - Hucknall, St Peter & St Paul (helpful for section 1 of the pack)

Headon-cum-Upton, St Peter's guide for children (PDF)

St Leonard's church Wollaton guide for young children (PDF)

St Leonard's church Wollaton children's guide (PDF)

St Saviour's church, Retford, history detectives (MS Word Document) developed by Carol Walker specifically for St Saviours church, but you can get ideas from it to develop a detective sheet for your church.

St Mary's Wollaton Park children's worksheet (PDF)


Other ideas...

Churches can be a great stimulus for art work. Why not approach the art department of a school to offer the building as a resource? Offer to link it with a cross curricular project involving history and RE.
Make sure the children and teachers are welcomed when they come to visit, and take the opportunity to talk about special features of the building, and their meaning for Christian life today.
You could offer to put on a display in the church, or a special service where they bring their paintings.
Here’s an example of art work from one church.


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